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Birla white wall care putty


BondChem Block Mortar is specially developed for fixing aerated light weight concrete blocks & Calcium Silicate Blocks. Precisely designed organic binder, graded aggregates and additives have been selected for keeping high strength, minimum joint width and hence the ultimate cost.


EZEE TILE Waterproof Mortar is a cement-based tile adhesive for thin or thick bed fixing of ceramic tiles in interior or exterior walls and floors. EZEE TILE Waterproof Mortar is suitable for fixing materials such as Ceramic tiles, Marble tiles. Suitable substrates are Concrete, Sand cement screeds and renders, Glazed and Unglazed tiles, Terrazzo and suitably prepared timber.


BondChem Ceramic Mortar is an all purpose waterproof Mortar offering high tensile adhesion strength and high initial grab. It is a single component cement based tile adhesive for thick and thin bed fixing of Ceramic tiles, Marble and big Stone fixing for both exterior and interior surfaces. Special purpose applications include showers & swimming pool areas.


We cover a broad range of ACC products with compressive strengths to cater for specific architectural and design requirements of various types of buildings. The supply of AAC products is always sufficient to meet the demand of the on-going projects.


KTP PPR – FG – PPR pipes comprise of three layers. The external and internal layers are made of PPR materials, the middle layer is made of Fiberglass Composite material. The inner layer of PPR material ensures hygienic performance of the pipe while the middle layer helps to strengthens the pipe and reduce linear expansion coefficient.


Premixed Sprayable Plaster. Designed for spray machine/manual application as a render or a plaster applied onto internal/external of rough and smooth substrate surfaces.

EZEE TARTASHA (Bonding Coat)

Premixed Bonding Coat for Plastering “Spatter Dash”. Designed to be applied as spatter dash coat onto smooth or rough surfaces such as concrete surfaces, precast panels, fair-faced block walls and previously painted surfaces for obtaining a rough surfaces and improves the bonding between the smooth surface and plaster/render coat.


Sabit Plastoflex is the ultimate Waterproofing Membrane. The multilayered design consists of 250gr/m2 non-woven polyester core, impregnated and coated on both sides with APP (Atactic Polypropylene Polymer) modified bitumen, and finally finshied with heat fusible polyethylene film on both surfaces. Sabit Plastoflex modified bituminous waterproofing membrane are produced from a blend of special grade thermoplastic polymers and bitumen….. This combination gives the proven waterproofing qualities of bitumen plasticity, excellent resistance to heat, ageing & weathering, and ease of application by torch welding. the polyester core gives the membrane high tensile strength, elongation and superior lap joint strength.

 EPOXY TOPCOAT (Epoxy Topcoat Solvent less 2 packs)

Epoxy Topcoat is a two-pack colored and decorative topcoat for flooring Epoxy compound as an Epoxy coating for hygienic concrete floors and walls where acid chemicals resistance is required.

EPICOAT AS100 (Epoxy Topcoat Solvent less 2 packs)

AS100 is a two-pack colored and decorative topcoat forflooring Epoxy compound as an Epoxy coating for hygienic concrete floors and walls where acid chemicals resistance is required.


Different shapes and types of interlock stone are available, known for their fine looking shapes in addition to their strength. Those products are mainly used as pavement stone.